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smack that ass from 8 feet away


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Get yo “Dnt fukin talk to me ever again cuz i had a dream u were cheatin on me” lookn ass on somewhere

my boyfriend txt me a long ass sentimental message….But near the end started goin off talkin hella shit

i asked wat the fuk his problem is

he responded wit a attitude talkin bout “Man im fukin pissed off…i had a fuckin dream u were cheatin on me and i cant get over the fukin dream thats why the fuk im mad”

i responded as follows:
Nigga get yo “i get pissed over a dream” lookin ass on somewhere txtn my fone this early matter fact take yo ass bak to bed and dream that i actually gave a fuk bout ur dream and bought u flowers.

gonna txt my fone talkin crazy over a fuckin dream????




Hella feeling thisss 🙌
Homeguuuurl getss down


I’m feeling it 100%

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